Task - Design challenge

ParkOnDemand project description
project flyer


“Park on Demand”- ideas for products and services which temporarily convert urban spaces into relaxing islands


What (object):
_product or product system to realise “green spots” or “silent spaces” temporarily in the streets of modern cities
_the requirement on such spaces is the fulfilment of people’s needs when searching for meditation, relaxation and recreation
_place to relax or recover or recreate


Where (place):
_public space in conurbations (Nagoya)
_independent “Park on Demand” for one specific location
(selection of a particular location during the “24h-Reseach-Tour”)
_however, in the capacity of a serial product, the “Park” has to fit into other places (adaptable and modular)

When (scenario):

_temporarily for one or two weeks (or longer, if the effort to install and remove the installation is high)
_in case of a new established “Quality of Life Week”
(a new festival hosted by the community or the city administration)
_in case of a neighbourhood party
_in case of a building project (gap sites, construction zones)
_in case of …




„park“ (synonym > rest/repose): green space / garden / rest / repose / pause for breath / meditation / contemplation


“on demand“: movable / mobile / portable / flexible / adaptive / stackable / collapsible / storable






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