Every day around 2 million passengers use public transport in the Rhein-Main area, a number which has risen over the last couple of years, but it is still capable of development.
Germany is one of the last countries where the paper ticket is still used; other countries already use some kind of intelligent ticket.
Laziness is the biggest problem, which stops people from changing their habits. Long waiting times at the bus stops and packed vehicles are just two examples out of many.

One other problem is that the paper tickets fill the bags or pockets of every passenger. The only way to get around those problems is for most of the people to take the easiest alternative: the car! But especially long-distance and frequent drivers would help to save the environment and could do something good for the world.
So is it just a question of comfort? In fact modern times require a new concept of the old fashion ticket.

If we design an electronic ticket, using the bus/tram/train etc. will be easier and much more attractive; a little „thing“ such as a key ring combines everything you need. At one sight you find price, timetable and the current times on your display.

A vibration will remind you to get off at the right bus stop. As a special function it records the „saved“ CO2 on a bonus account to save up for a free ride. In this way every person benefits from thinking about the enviroment.

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